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Our Story - TakaaTak

Our Story | Established 2016

“takaa tak” is a Hindi slang word meaning “excellent or perfect”. We strive to cook and serve takaa tak food in a takaa tak environment with a takaa tak service and yes, we want you to say “takaa tak” when you finish your dinner.

We are a team of 5 with a combined experience of over 20 years in hospitality and restaurant industry having worked with brands like Hilton Hotels and award winning Indian restaurants. Each team member is a specialist in Indian, Indo-Chinese and Front of House.

During a relaxing weekend with some “DAARU” (alcohol) in a “DESI” (Indian) restaurant, we just casually came up with an idea: What if we open our own Restaurant? And that’s when “takaa tak” was born. Since then we have never looked back. Our Philosophy: Everything “takaa tak”